Anticipating the 2015 Season already…

The 2014 riding season is quickly coming to a close in Alberta, Canada but it was a great riding season for me.  With my riding plans on hold for now, (still deciding exactly where I will go to extend the season) maybe I can get some time to actually do some real work on :)

One of my dream Honda Valkyrie that always makes me glad I ride.

One of my dream bikes…my Honda Valkyrie that always makes me glad I ride.




Brian Starup owns this beautiful custom 1999 Drag Star 1100

Today is the first snowfall of the year so my rides are tucked away in the shop probably until spring but fingers crossed I can get in another ride but more likely I will be turning my attention to what custom touches I can add over winter.  I enjoy viewing and sharing what others have achieved in adding their own vision to their rides.  This one is a winner.  Thanks Brian.

Custom Yamaha


The photo of the day for November 1st is from David Uhl Studios, one of my favorite artists.


Click on the image to take you to the artist website for more information and to see some of his artwork.



As the 2013 riding season winds down here in Alberta, Canada I will be looking for things to occupy my time over winter.  I have this high on my list, I hope it comes to my city soon.


  Until then you can watch the trailer and visit the website for a preview.







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