Working on a motorcycle can be difficult when it is sitting on the ground.  To solve this problem, instead of buying a hydraulic lift, we built this stand and used a chain hoist to lift the bike into place.





List of Materials

  • 2 – 24 inch slings (28 inches to end of D Rings
  • 1 – 3/4 inch clevis
  • 1 – 1/2 inch clevis
  • 4 – 3/8 inch clevis
  • 1 – 3/8 x 3 x 28 inch flat iron
  • 1 Hoist
  • 1 Table 24 x 24 x 24 inch made of 1/4 inch plate with 3 inch pipe legs that is bolted to the floor.




Most of the materials were purchased at the hardware store except the table and flat iron that was found at a scrap yard.  The flat bar as pictured here also had holes drilled into it to attach the clevis.








Preparing the Bike for the Lift

For the bike we were working on, a Honda Valkyrie, we had to remove the seat to expose one part of the frame where we wanted to attach the sling. Of course every bike is different so you have to locate the proper place to position the slings. 











Here is where we threaded the sling through the left side under the frame just in front of the gas tank.  It took a little maneuvering to get the D-ring through but it did fit. 














View from the right side of the bike.










Next the large clevis was bolted to the flat iron and hung on the hoist.












A clevis was attached to each end of the flat iron.  A 12" chain was also attached to the left side to keep the flat iron more level with the bike.  Both ends were then attached to the D-Rings on the slings and we slowly took up the slack making sure nothing was twisted or rubbing on anything that would get scratched.  











We then lifted the bike off the ground with the air hoist and carefully positioned it a few inches above the table.  The table was bolted to the concrete floor before we started.  A few blocks were placed carefully to make sure the bike had a solid platform to sit on.  This was a two person job with one slowly lowering the bike and the other guiding it to the perfect position.  With the weight of the bike on the blocks we left the hoist with out slack as an added safety measure.  






The Project Finished

The bike is now solid.  It will stay attached to the hoist for added safety and we added one more tie down strap to ensure it would not move when working.  This makes it so much easier to inspect and work on the bike.  I am anxious to get the wheels off and give them a good clean and polish.  The table does not take up much room and we just free it from the floor and store it under a bench when it isn't needed. 


Working with something this heavy can be dangerous and this post is intended to show you how we made a lift and maybe give you some ideas.  Please use your own best judgement.


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